CV Music Department


Welcome to the webpage of the Conotton Valley Music Program. We are excited you are here! Feel free to browse around and check out the site. We will constantly be updating and changing this site to better meet the needs of our program.


 The Conotton Valley High School Band was formed in 1949 when several area schools consolidated. (If you have more information on this please contact Mr. Stuck so that this can be as accurate as possible.)
During the years the directors have been:
1949-1955: Mr. Frank Masters
1955-1956: Mr. Dewey M. Canfield
1956-1960: Mr. David M. Wutrich
1960-1962: Mr. Dean Mull
1962-1965: Mrs. Joan (Sickafoose) Owens
1965-1967: Mr. Carl Weis
1967-1968: Mr. John Pangle
1968-1970: Mr. Richard W. Bartunek
1970-1973: Mr. William Hossler
1973-1976: Mr. Frank Masters
1976-1981: Mr. James Feiszli
1981-1982: Mr. Michael Monea
1982-1984: Mr. David Myers
1984-1994: Mr. David Kinney
1994-2000: Mrs. Robin (Kelly) Masloski
2000-2001: Mr. Greg Wright
2001-2010: Mrs. Carey (Elsass) Moore
2010-2011: Mrs. Joslin Shaffer
2011-2012: Mrs. Carey Moore
2012-2016: No band
2016-Present: Mr. Jonathon M. Stuck