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The Rocket Center now is open in the afternoons and on Saturdays. Please see the attached schedule, membership application, and rules. You must bring your driver's license or state ID.
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If your child will need medication during the school day, especially emergency medication, please call or email Mrs. Putnam at the High School to schedule an appointment so that your child's health plan and medication will be available for the first day of school. Please have the doctor's order and the current medication with you at the appointment. You will need a separate order for each medication. The medication needs to be in the original container with a prescription label on it. Medication forms are available on the school website under Forms and Links. Appointments can be made starting August 17th, please call 740-269-2711 to set up an appointment or email [email protected].
Also, if you have a student entering 7th and 12th grades, please turn in your immunization documentation for the Tdap and Meningitis boosters within the first week of school. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Putnam.
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Hope you have a healthy school year!
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Local Health Departments:

Carroll County Health Department        Phone: 330-627-4866

Harrison County Health Department        Phone: 740-942-2616

Tuscarawas County Health Department        Phone: 330-343-5555

The Carroll County General Health District offers services to help Carroll County teens and adults quit tobacco and vaping products. Services include individual counseling, group counseling, or telephonic counseling. If you are interested in quitting, please call Caitlin Mathews, BS, MS, CTTS at (330) 627-4866, ext. 1559.

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