Ohio State Report Card Letter

Conotton Valley Union Local School District

Our Rockets are Soaring!

September 2022

Dear Community Members,

I want to share good news with you in regard to our district's annual Ohio State Report Card results and our Performance Index Goal for 2022-23. The Performance Index measures the test results of every student, not just those who score proficient or higher. Schools and districts receive points on the index for every student who takes a test. The higher the performance level on the state tests, the more points awarded toward the index score. Educators consistently use this score as an indicator for both academic growth and achievement. Earlier this year, we as a school district set our Performance Index goal for the 2022-23 academic year at 70.0+%. I have included our results from the past two years as a baseline for understanding.

2020-21 District Performance Index: 55.6%

2021-22 District Performance Index: 69.4%

Growth on the Performance Index: 13.8%

As a district, there should be an enduring expectation that our students are being afforded every opportunity to realize the fullness of their potential while being college, career, and work force ready!  The commitment to a culture of excellence across all aspects of school life will help ensure our students and staff meet this expectation as well as the goals we set each year!

I am confident we are going to smash the district goal for the 2022-23 school year!!!  Why? Because our students are in the hands of amazing teachers who are eager to learn, grow, and lead.  We thank you, our parents, families and friends, for your support in allowing our Rockets to #SOAR!!!!

With appreciation,

John R. Zucal