Rocket Alumni Association

Welcome Alumni!!

 The Conotton Valley Alumni Association's goal is to communicate with our Alumni through gatherings and fundraising events.  It is our mission to give scholarships to deserving and motivated individuals that meet the criteria and also give teachers grants to better enable them in their classrooms.  

You can help us by sending us contact information for any alumni you may know to

We would like the following:

Name   Address    Email     Phone    Year graduated

*If you know of a person that is deceased from your class, please provide their name and the date of their death.

The Conotton Valley Alumni Association is now a 501.3c The Alumni Association is excited to announce the association has align with the Stark Community foundation as they guaranteed a consistent return on the Alumni Association investment. The Stark Community Foundation matched the first contribution of $10,000!!!

To make a tax deductible contribution to your Alumni Association please chose one of the following options:

Make your check payable to Conotton Valley Alumni Association and send to:

P O Box 43, Sherrodsville, OH  44675

or Stark Community Foundation, 400 Market Avenue N, Suite 200, Canton, OH  44702

or Send electronic payment to Stark Community Foundation at